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Selecting a frame is the most fun and sometimes the most challenging part of ordering new glasses. Your glasses sit front and centre on your face and often define your look or personality. As most spectacle wearers wear their glasses all day the fit and comfort are very important too.

We at Mulreany Guckians are experts at assessing the fit of a frame as well as advising on the correct size proportions for your face. There is no point in wearing a nice frame if it's constantly falling off the end of your nose or making your nose sore. There is no need to compromise though because we have a range of styles, materials and brands to suit your individual style and budget and the expertise to make sure you pick a frame that fits comfortably.

The size and shape of a frame can also effect the overall look of the finished glasses and we will advise you on too.


Sligo: +353 (0)71 914 2965
Tubbercurry: +353 (0)71 918 5540

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