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Not only an essential fashion accessory but also protection from the harmful UV and high energy visible radiation or 'blue light'.

Sunglasses are like sunblock for your eyes but also for the delicate skin around your eyes. Sunglasses are not just for holidays or summer but also very important in the winter where, in Ireland, we have the sun very low in the sky.

If you have ever driven to Dublin from Sligo in the morning and returned in the evening you know how difficult it can be to see. Polarising lenses will make all the difference for the glare on that Sligo-Dublin day trip. We have prescription polarising sunglasses as well as non prescription polarising sunglasses. We stock RayBan and Serengetti Sunglasses as well as other brands such as Vogue, Ferrucci, SuperDry and Ted Baker.

For best protection from the sun large sunglasses that wrap around the face give the best protection. Sunglasses should also fit close to the face so it is important to have them properly adjusted at the time of purchase for optimum comfort and protection.

If you usually wear glasses then you will need prescription sunglasses too and we offer many different styles to choose from at a great price. Other than the frame style you must also consider the type of lens material, lens filters and coatings. 

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