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You don't know what you can't see!

You all know what an eye chart looks like, a big letter on the top and they get progressively smaller as you move down. Would it surprise you know that there are many people out there who claim to see just fine, no problems, and yet cannot read the top letter on the chart?

All too often we have people coming in for an eye exam claiming to have excellent eye sight and not being able to pass the driving requirements. ‘I can see everything, I don’t need glasses!’ we are told and yet the fact that there are letters right in front of them that are in full contrast black and white they cannot see, escapes them. They leave the exam room and get in their cars and drive home on the same roads used by you, me and our loved ones.

You don’t know what you can’t see because you can’t see it!
As daylight is getting shorter the problem of being able to see sufficiently well to be safe on the road is more of a problem. Road accidents spike after the time changes, partly due to the reduced vision conditions. When visibility is reduced, it’s harder to see pedestrians and cyclists.
Before you pull out of the driveway, always make sure your headlights are on and all interior lights in the car are turned off to avoid glare. Give yourself enough travel time, avoid rushing, and obey the speed limits. Adjust your speed accordingly to the conditions of the road and follow at a safe distance so you’re prepared to react under any situation.
Most importantly, make sure you are within the safe vision standard for driving and wear the appropriate vision correction. Never wear tinted glasses at night.

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