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Contact lenses and Covid-19

Follow the usual guidlines for contact lens use and it will be safe to wear your contact lenses during this time. There is no need to switch back to your glasses if you have no signs or symptoms of the virus. 

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  • Wash your hands in soap and water for 20 seconds before and after insertion and removal
  • Apply make up after inserting your contact lenses
  • Clean, rinse and store your reusuable or monthly lenses in the prescribed solution over night
  • Discard daily disposible in the bin (not the toilet or sink)
  • Stick to the wearing schedule prescribed by your optometrist
  • If you feel sick, have a temperature or cough, runny nose discontinue lens wear
  • If you have pain or redness in your eyes discontinue lens wear
  • If in doubt, take them out!


  • Wear your contact lenses in the shower or swimming pool.
  •  Sleep in your lenses unless they have been precribed for overnight wear
  • Overwear your lenses
  • Share your lenses with anyone (especially now but never ever ever ever)
  • Use water, tapwater, salvia, solution that is out of date or solution that has been left open, come into contact with your lenses, ever

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